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Team Interventions

Team interventions are interventions aimed at improving interpersonal relations, foster cooperation and collaboration, clarifying team member’s roles and responsibilities as well as solving tasks and interpersonal conflicts that affect overall team functionality at the workplace with the ultimate purpose of achieving results.  

Vuyo helps teams with interventions geared towards:

•Team accomplishments

•Team relationships and dynamics

•Team and organisation processes

•Diagnosis of team dynamics and unconscious processes

Amongst some of the interventions offered by Vuyo are Personality Based Team interventions, Team Cohesion and Alignment workshops, Skills Based Team Interventions, Problem Solving Based Interventions and Team Coaching.

Personality Based Team Building Intervention

Personality-Based interventions makes use of a personality or psychometric questionnaire such as such as the Myers-Briggs Personality Type, Insights Team Dynamics, Belbin Team Roles, Enneagram or DISC assessments. Personality-based interventions focus on improving interpersonal skills among the team members. The results are communicated to the team to help them understand and appreciate their own and their teammates' personalities and interpersonal styles. This understanding leads to better communication and improved team effectiveness and alignment and cohesion..

Skills Based Team Building Intervention

In this intervention, team members engage in a workshop style intervention that is a combination of training content and activities focusing on developing skills needed to work together as a team, such as communication, leadership skills, dealing with conflict, effective team meetings and more.

The development of these skills is a catalyst to creating a more effective team if the skills acquired are applied in the workplace.

Problem Solving Based Team Building Intervention

The purpose of these interventions is to help the team unravel and solve problems they may be experiencing as a team. Team members work together to identify the challenges and possible solutions while trying to work as efficiently as possible in solving the problem.

Vuyo helps teams explore and understand the problem in order to find a solution.  

Team Coaching

Vuyo also offers Team Coaching

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