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Psychotherapy (Adolescents, adults and couples)

Psychotherapy - also called "talk therapy" is a process where psychological problems are treated through communication and using the client and therapist relationship to help the client maintain some level of stability or relief. Individual therapy can be useful in addressing difficulties in forming or maintaining relationships, poor self-confidence, feeling depressed, suffering loss, intimacy as well as stress and anxiety.

Couple therapy on the other hand provides a non-judgmental space where couples can deal with relationship/ marital challenges they experience as the relationship goes through different developmental challenges such as financial issues, infidelity, divorce, infertility and related aspects, conflictual child rearing practices, blended families, trauma, anger, blended families, unemployment, substance abuse, domestic violence, etc.

Individual Adults

Vuyo works with people with everyday challenges as well as those with serious psychological challenges including stress, relationship difficulties, emotional intelligence, gambling, and life changes and struggling to come to terms with these changes, depression, problems with self-esteem and low self-worth. Although she is trained psychodynamically, she uses a more person centred approach to deal help clients deal with their challenges. She is also an accredited BWRT Practitioner.

Couple/Marital Therapy

Vuyo works with couples experiencing difficulties in their relationships to arrive at learning the skills to navigate their relationship and build the necessary intimacy to maintain the relationship.

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