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Vuyo Temba

Vuyo is a registered Clinical Psychologist, owner and founder of KTM Consulting. She has more than 20 years’ work experience in the fields of Psychology, Human Resources, Operations, Management and Consulting gained from the financial, public, academic and health sectors.


Our service offering is targeted at the two systems that are constantly in interaction with each other i.e. (at individual level and their workplace).


Psychotherapy (Adolescents, adults and couples)

Individual adults
Couple/ Marital therapy


Life coaching
Executive coaching

Organisational Level (Corporate Services)

Vuyo offers organisational-level workplace interventions aimed at improving organisational performance by focusing on employees’ health and optimal functioning, work processes and systems that is likely to affect performance outcomes.

Team interventions

Personality Based Team Building Intervention
Skills Based Team Building Intervention
Problem Solving Based Team Building Intervention

Assessments (Occupational and Competency Assessment)

Diagnostic psychological evaluations
Occupational tests for selection and development
Neuropsychological tests

Consulting Services

Mentorship programmes
Wellness and Health
Organisational design and development

Workshops, seminars and talks

Vuyo offers workshops, seminars and talks.

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